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Hello and thank you for your interest in Memory Box Photo LLC.  We strive to bring you the highest quality photo booth rentals in the upper Midwest at the lowest prices.  Sounds too good to be true?  This is how it's done.  This is a small business.  Really small.  In fact it's pretty much just me and a few professional helpers.  I build the booths with my own hands, I built this website, I answer all emails and I run the booth at many events.  If you call for info on renting a photo booth I am going to answer, that is my cell phone at the top of the page.  

Many other companies are national companies with several layers of workers, all of whom need to get paid for a job.  I eliminate this by being a local, hands on business owner.  You will hear me refer to us and we from time to time here and that is because I couldn't do everything involved without the help of my family and friends.

They are some of the biggest supporters of Memory Box Photo and I consider them part of the company.  Most of them are volunteers for now but future kiosk operators if everything works as planned.  

The first public photo booth event was May of 2010.  Since then Memory Box Photo has been set up at more then 150 weddings, parties, or events.  My best guess is that as of today (November 19th, 2011) approximately 25,000 people have been photographed in the photo booth in about 30,000 individual pictures.  If you were one of them and I forget your name please accept my apologies. :-)

If there is something you want to know about Memory Box Photo please ask.  As a small business there is nothing more important to us then communicating with customers.  You can either call at the number above or you can contact me by emailing here:  Dale@DownloadMN.com  

We can beat the competitions prices and quality and we stand by that by supplying a link to this photo booth review site:  PhotoBooth411.com

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